Soteriology101: In The Spirit of Love I Listened To What I Believe To Be The Most Devastating and Damaging Blow to the Views of Leighton Flowers To Date: By Sean Cole, Chris Date, Tyler Vela

I listened to this podcast with much intersest as these three gentlemen hit areas of contention and questions that I have had with Flowers philosophy for sometime. They also went beyond that and quite deep into what Flowers is saying and I think exposed much of his misinformation and contradictions. It will be interesting to see if Flowers pushes back on this and what he has to say.

I also hope there is a future debate with Flowers and two people of his choosing and Pastor Sean Cole, Chris Date. Tyler Vela.

Click the link below and listen to your questions answered that you have been asking for sometime or things that you have known to be true about the teachings of Leighton Flowers really expounded and clarified by these three gifted men of God.

Author: speakingthetruthinloveblog

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