Part 2 Eric Kemp and Flowers feeble attempt to respond to Sean Cole, Chris Date, Tyler Vela

I listed with great interest as I found this to be the most destructive, devasting and damaging engagement or discussion of Flowers Philosophy. Then I listened to Eric Kemp who I debated on John 6 who tried to convince me that there were at least 3 or 4 verbs in John 6: 37-77 that practically meant the same thing and were interchangeable. First time I had ever heard that attempt to get around the plain meaning of what Jesus’ was conveying in the immediate and surrounding text. But it was even more interesting to listen to Flowers and Kemp struggle to overcome the Godly Wisdom of these three men who I think clearly done damage to Flowers and Kemp’s position. 

Southern Traditional Baptist Theodicy
The same point is true of Southern Traditional Baptist Belief System. If you Flowers and Kemp believe that God has Infinite Foreknowledge. Unless your Open Theist Freind Brian Wagner has influenced you otherwise, Then you know there has been and never was a time that God has not known something from all eternity. So God always knew he would create the Universe and Humanity. Then there came a time when he DETERMINED to do so. Because God’s knowledge is infinite he knows past, present and future all at the same time. There has never been a time God has not known something from all eternity. His knowledge is limitless and Exhaustive. He does not have to look into the future to obtain or retrieve some information he did not know because that would mean there was a time he did not know something. So I am assuming that 

Flowers and Kemp are at least still Christian Orthodox when it comes to God’s Infinite Knowledge in knowing an individual’s free moral actions even before he created them from all eternity. So when God DETERMINED to create from ALL ETERNITY according to the Southern Traditional Baptist Faith and System of Belief. Flowers and Kemp know that GOD KNEW INFINITELY ALL THINGS THAT WOULD BE. EVERY AUTONOMOUS LIBITERIAN FREE WILL ACTION OF EVERY INDIVIDUAL THAT WOULD EVER EXIST. INCLUDING THE MURDERS, THE RAPES, THE INCEST OF LITTLE CHILDREN, murdering of unborn babies by the billions, homosexuality now legal with same-sex marriages, THE KIDNAPPINGS, THE WARS THAT HAVE KILLED BILLIONS. THE TORTURE OF PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL AND SEXUAL ABUSE AND WICKEDNESS BEYOND IMAGINATION. BUT GOD CHOSE TO CREATE THE WORLD HE KNEW WOULD BE ANYWAY. Flowers even admits that God has this mythical fictional Libiterian Free Will and could have chosen not to create the world that he did. But God did DETERMINE To create this World Flowers according to His Infinite Foreknowledge. FRee moral actions cannot be different to God. If he knows infinitely from eternity what they will be. He is not like us waiting to see what others will do he already knew from eternity before anyone existed every free moral action they would make. But Flowers and Kemp?!?! Your Holy and Loving God did! This is the world he knew would be when he DETERMINED to create and knew every evil wicked action that would bring much pain, sorrow, and suffering. God created this world of wickedness and evil according to your system of Belief Flowers and Kemp. Is this a Thrice Holy God and a God who is All-Loving?!?! Then Your God who is omnipotent, Almighty, all-powerful, infinite in understanding could stop this extreme evil wickedness that I described partially above. Your God just sits on His figurative throne and watches as all the evil happens and does nothing. Your system of Belief Leighton Flowers and Eric Kemp has GREAT DIFFICULTY WITH THE PROBLEM OF EVIL AND SIN. IT MAKES GOD THE AUTHOR OF EVIL AND GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION.


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